Ropescharcoalcharly "Charly"

Ropescharcoalcharly Qualified for the AQHA CMSA World Championships in 2013. she is the Daughter of Rope a wild cow, who is a 2 time AQHA World CMSA Championships Qualifier, and Finished in the top 10 in 2012. He also has a ROM in Roping. Charly is a quick fun girl to ride. She also has a great personality!


    Buck Hancock Hancock Red Roan Raider
  Rope a wild Cow   Hancock Hancock Jo
    Rancho Rare Wimpy Fellow
      Rare Copy
Ropescharcoalcharly ------------------- ------------------- ----------------------
    Lynx Peppy Four Little Peppy Four
  Little Peppys Doll   Docs Carlos
    Docs Toquita Doll Doc's Lynx
      Poquita Manana


Charly Trying to get in the Front Door!